The Pursuit

Take a moment to think about all of the things you want in your life. A hip loft in the city, good grades in school, an overflowing amount of money from a job you actually enjoy and thrive in, but simultaneously time away from work to relax, a love that is sweet but does not dull your independence, time with all of your friends, being able to support your family with everything they’ve ever wanted, the list goes on and on and on and on…

These are just some current goals, yes? And we actively pursue them. Working to get our degree so we can hopefully land in that dream job, saving up from a part-time job to try to take some burden away from your parents, dating around to see what you like and maybe find what you’re looking for. We pursue our dreams. We may even pursue a relationship. We need to remember to take a second to stop and pursue ourselves.

I know you’ve probably heard Tom Haverford’s “treat yo-self” phrase. But when was the last time you generally went and did something you want to, just because you wanted to? Or treated yourself to that special thing you’ve been putting off for so long because it’s not a necessity but a goal? Maybe we need to travel or try something entirely new to spark some fresh inspiration and remember who we are.

While strong intentions that are set for our goals are the key to achieving them, there is so much more to it. We pursue ourselves, our hopes, our desires, and we go for it because we are happy with ourselves. Unhealthy habits arise from the belief that your external achievements will bring genuine happiness. We’re part of a generation that is (finally) working towards mindfulness and strong mental/emotional health.

The pursuit of yourself is a new way to love yourself.

Think about how highly we think of someone we love: family, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. When was the last time you went to bed and thought how great you were?!

This is a reminder to be good to yourself. We easily are tangled up in complicated relationships, the fluff of social media, and a ruthless battle to the top of a job. And when days seem long, and the to-do list is planned out for the next month, take a second to take care of yourself.

Ideas of how to take care of yourself:

  • massage, mani/pedi
  • new fitness class to break some sweat and have fun (SoulCycle or yoga! Do it!)
  • take the night to try a new recipe, and eat it all while watching your guilty pleasure movie
  • say “I love you” in the mirror because IT FEELS GOOD
  • go for a drive along the beach, roll the windows down, and be there 110%
  • go buy yourself something you’ve always wanted but put off because you didn’t need it (a new necklace is coming my way soon, I’m telling ya)
  • redecorate your place because the space you live in affects you so much more than you think
  • watch the sunrise/sunset in complete silence

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