Forming New Habits

Finally slowing down today after essentially two weeks of non-stop action. I have good news and bad news: good, I am finally getting a week vacation off of work! Yay! Bad…this “vacation” comes at the cost of me getting my wisdom teeth out…ouch. I’m going in tomorrow morning, so any last minute advice is much welcome. Nevertheless, I’m excited to get a chance to catch up on sleep and actually spend more than a day at my own house.

I love Pinterest (follow me immediately) for grabbing inspiration and recharging your right half of your brain. I’ve been noticing more and more recently the abundance of “healthy habits lists.” You know, those lists that are 50 or so easy-enough tasks to make yourself happier, love stronger, heal quicker, etc. Along with a newfound obsession for Lucie Finks’s (@luciebfinks) vlog series on Refinery29’s YouTube where she implements a new healthy habit into her life for 5 days. All in all, I have been feeling pushed to better myself (a step at a time) and make small changes to start. Allow me to share four new habits I’m working on forming (or at least familiarizing myself with) and how it’s going so far.

  1. Meditating twice a day.

Back when I was in Florence, I was meditating at least 2-3 times a week while the recommended amount was 20 minutes a day. Whoops. Anyways, I first started by doing 10 minutes when I first wake up which has made a HUGE difference. Day one I noticed, while working my desk job, I didn’t feel the need to be playing music to keep myself engaged while doing research. Overall felt much more present and content with what it was. My boss recommended the app Insight Timer for me which has the little bell and everything! I haven’t tried many of the guided meditations on there just yet but plan to. Since then, I’ve also incorporated meditating 10 minutes at night before I go to bed too. Most times it’s a nice way to calm my mind down and relax my body, sometimes I have to end it early because I seriously start falling asleep. Some days I miss one or the other, but I’m trying to keep it going, and the results continue to motivate me.

2. Water with lemon. 

If you have been on the internet looking at any kind of health tips in the last year or so, then without a doubt you have heard about the benefits of drinking water with lemon. If you can, having hot or warm water with lemon is even better. It’s really great for detoxing and helping out your digestive system, especially first thing in the morning! I have taken a step back from my coffee obsession for the summer and switched to tea, but now I’m just going for some warm lemon water. Very energizing and tasty!

3. Reading > TV

As I explained in my last post, reading has returned to being a big part of my life. Okay…maybe not that big right now but definitely bigger than it has been in the last few years. I’ve been trying out the “no technology in bed” rule, and while I may have broken it this morning to watch some Portlandia (and will absolutely be breaking it this week) it has truly helped motivate me to read before I go to sleep. I noticed I fall asleep much easier now, and do not feel tempted to stay up when I know I will regret it in the morning. Along with that, I am constantly reading a variety blogs at my desk job which helps with inspiration and learning new stuff!

4. More conscious and selective of thoughts and words.

Suuuuper importante, pay attention here folks. Do you ever have that moment where you think something, and you step back and say to yourself, “wow, that was pretty shitty of me. Why would that even come in my head?” Could be something about yourself, someone you know, or really anything. Just me? Ok well anyways, I have these moments every now and then. Also, I find myself doing things and saying things I don’t really mean. I try to be as honest as I can in my writing and in my being, so why am I holding back from being straightforward and/or allowing these bad thoughts? Step one: try to hold back from saying whatever crazy thought out loud. We have to train your brain that it’s not ok (sometimes this helps with bad anxiety too!) and you are better than it. The fact that you’re working on changing your thoughts shows how strong you are to start. Step two, catch yourself before you finish the thought! Quite literally, I will shake my head to snap myself out of it. There is so much beauty, kindness, and creativity out there. Let’s focus on energy on that puh-LEASE. Gratitude is the attitude to have, also. And I truly believe that gratitude brings in more light into your life. Be thankful, share your appreciation for others, and do not take anything for granted.

As you can see, I’m not necessarily trying to rid myself of bad habits. More so, I am trying to squeeze in these positive changes to strengthen and prepare myself to take on the world. Is there anything that you’ve tried out and changed you for the better? Leave a comment and let me know!

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