Choosing Life

Podcasts have been my savior through long work days this week. I found myself doing some tasks that don’t require too much thought, allowing me to enjoy different shows. I have been HOOKED on #GirlBoss with Sophia Amoruso. No joke, I just kept playing episodes over and over while working a four hour shift at a showroom scanning books.

I think one of my favorite episodes was where she interviewed Christine Day, former CEO of Lululemon. She and Sophia were discussing something along the lines of staying on top of everything in a busy life. Essentially, Christine’s response was that she “actively chooses her life” so it does not drain her. Wowowowowowwowowowowwoowowwoowowowowowow

Be ready to feel empowered, with control over your life. I recently wrote about “The Pursuit” of your life, which is basically pursuing, loving, and nurturing yourself. But choosing your life, well, that’s a whole new ballgame.

We have so many choices in life, as hard as it may seem. I remember back in high school when I was going through some tough times and battling our good ol’ friends Depression and Anxiety. The most painful part of it all was that I felt stuck; stuck where I was in my head, at school, unhealthy work environment, pretty much just all around trapped. One of the biggest things I had to learn throughout this was that you CAN choose your thoughts. Start to feel crappy about something? Feeling a never-ending trail of worries coming on? Choose to stop it in its tracks. Maybe you have to start by distracting yourself with something else, but to be able to turn it off is so critical to learn.

That was the beginning of me choosing my life. Well, actively choosing the course of my life that is. And from there it grew. I chose to attend Chapman University, where I felt comfortable, excited, and passionate about my major. I chose to let friendships move on that had run their course. I chose to break up with boyfriends where I grew away from it or knew it was not right for me. I chose to forgive people extremely close to me so I could finally move on with my life. We have to choose the right things for us, so we can take that next step forward. It’s almost like a board game, where you have to roll the die to get to take a step forward or backward. Sometimes it works out, other times it may not. Every time, though, you’ll learn something.

So hearing Christine say this was a great reminder of the power I have over my life. We may not be able to control where circumstances take us, but we can certainly choose how we react. I’ve been decently motivated in my jobs this summer, but this was a long week, leading me to wish I could relax with friends. But you know what? I have rent to pay, furniture to buy, trips to pay for (study abroad debt is toooooo real). I’m so fortunate to have the jobs I do have, with great people and fun environments. I chose to be where I am today (along with pushes/pulls from the universe/God – just my beliefs!) and I am delicately choosing where I’m going next.

Grad school? Seeming better and better the more I think about it. Choosing my singleness (this. is. IMPORTANT.) because friends are great and no boys I want to date (quote me). Hopeful road trip at the end of summer with one of my favorite people? Need to spend time with a calendar and calculator, but I’m going to work it out. Trying to figure out what I want to do in life? I’m writing this blog because it’s fun and I feel really, really good about it, and that’s a step!

Take steps, find out what makes you happy and what is right for your heart and soul, and follow through with intention.

So, what do you choose for yourself?

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