5 Year Plan

On my wonderfully, frustrating commute home from work, I was listening to one of the podcasts I subscribe to called, “Creative Pep Talk.” In it, the host, Andy J. Pizza was interviewing Debbie Millman, host of the “Design Matters” podcast.

She explained how one of her former mentors had her do this exercise when she was younger. Without fear, she had to describe how she would want the next five years of her life to pan out. The next five years could follow however she wanted. It’s an activity to set goals and visualize them. Apparently, people have incredible results. She said that when the five years was up for her, 80% of what she wrote down had happened. Five more years later, and 99% of everything she had written had happened.


That being said, I thought it would be pretty fun to try this out for myself. I’m going into this not with the mindset of hoping to make it happen, but more so to explore what I really see the next few years of my young adult life to be like. However, I will be assertive in what I would want to happen, not just in a hopeful manner. (An important tool in getting what you want is to not be afraid to ask for it!)

Let’s break it down by year:

22: At age 22, I will graduate from Chapman University. I’ll have survived my thesis projects. During my final semester, I will spend most time with my friends while we are all together. During my last semester at college, I will intern at a studio working in development. Once I graduate, I will move back home. My next step after graduation will be a job at a studio, whether it’s as a page or an assistant after graduation. If I’m not in development, I will explore other areas of production, on the track to become a network executive or a showrunner. The next months of this year will involve me working, saving up, and spending time with friends and family. My Honda CRV will be replaced by a car without a tape player and with better gas mileage. My blog will continue to grow, but it will still be fairly new.

23: When I’m 23, I’ll be living on my own in either West Hollywood or Santa Monica. I will be working at a studio or production company, enjoying what I am doing and working my way up. My LA friends and I will enjoy the opportunities to be in my early twenties and living in Los Angeles. At the same time, I will (at least have met) started dating someone that I could see a future with at this point. I will still write for this blog as well as my own scripts, and more people will get to see both of them.

24: 24 will be the age where I really start becoming my own in the entertainment industry. My fear of showing my work to people will be nearly, if not completely, gone. Others will be reading my scripts and my blog and giving me feedback. My job will keep pushing me as I continue to learn and grow. Now that I have my foot in the door, I will also continue to explore my passions for spin and yoga (on track to becoming an instructor). The Caffeinista will become so much more at this point, hopefully a community for young women to empower themselves and figure out who they are and who they want to be.

25: My passion to create will continue to become more and more a presence in all that I do. I will work my way up the ladder, locking in what future career in the industry I want to pursue. My screenwriting will be more prominent in my life and in my career. However, my blog will continue to prosper. It will be established as a home for young women to receive advice and ask questions they don’t know where else to ask. Random, but my closet will mostly consist of quality classics from Madewell. I will still be living on my own at this point, but opening up to living with my boyfriend. My job, my friends, my family, life will be hectic and crazy but oh, so good. 

26: I’m 26 and I will be continuing to grow. At this point, I will have played an important role in the development of a successful show. I will be able to visit sets when I want and see how my work is impacting the world. I’ll be making content that matters to people. Not only will I be becoming a powerful woman in the industry, but a creator that advocates for diversity and disability in the media. My blog will be no less the same, as it will be something that I am passion about and continue to work on. I will have become a certified spin instructor, taking and teaching classes when I can. My boyfriend and I will begin to get serious about our futures. Life will have its ups and downs, but I will be riding it all. Continuously working on myself and my goals, but enjoying the sweet and hard moments as well.

Picturing myself at these ages was much more difficult than I imagined. Part of me feels still unsure of what I want at that point, but I do feel more confident after writing it down. It will absolutely be interesting to read this again in five years and see what may or may not have happened.

At the root of it all, I hope the next five years will be meaningful and impactful, not only to myself but in what I am doing. It will be filled with more love, tears, laughter, good food, bad food, travelling, confusion, stress, creating, motivation, and inspiration. And it’s all going to unfold exactly how it’s meant to.


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