Internship Wardrobe Essentials

First week of my summer internship is COMPLETE! One down, nine more to go!

This summer I will be interning at Paramount Pictures working in distribution! So far, it’s been really wonderful! After my last internship at Warner Brothers, I really learned that I love working in the studio environment. Paramount is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly, it simply confirms that! The people in my department are sweet and helpful, and I am enjoying my work.

I’m working 5 days a week at this internship where I am counting on making professional connections. That said, my appearance is more of a priority this time around, also because I am there full-time. I’m happy to have the chance to dress up, and work on my professional self, but it’s a new game to me. I’ve found a few staples so far that have already made a difference, and thought it was worth sharing for the rest of you starting summer jobs.

Here are my Internship Wardrobe Essentials:

intern essentials

Black Skinny Jeans //

I have had this exact pair of skinny jeans since the beginning of the semester and they are without a doubt, my FAVORITE pair of jeans I’ve ever owned! The 10” high waisted is super flattering, though I will admit when driving home in traffic I will unbutton my pants to let my stomach breathe a bit. Black is a classic color and something you can totally work with in a business environment.

Mid-Length Skirt //

I’ve been on the hunt for a classy, longer skirt for a while now. This is exactly what I have been wanting and is next on my shopping list. Not only is it easy to work with when putting together an outfit, but something you can be comfortable and confident in.

Trousers //

Okay okay, allow me to explain. One of my girl friends on Panhellenic wore a pair of these to a Greek Conference where we had to dress business casual, and raved about them. She wore them with a pair of heels (similar to the ones we’ll be getting to…) and a simple top, and looked adorable! You honestly would never know these were Lululemon. I picked up a pair in grey and HOLY CRAP Y’ALL – THESE ARE COMFY AS HELL. Talk about basically wearing sweatpants to work. I pair them with my flats and loafers, but you could probably get away with a pair of booties too! If you roll them up a little bit, you look even more put together. DO IT. (I plan to get these in more colors too, don’t let yourself just wear blue/black/grey because I do and it gets old!)

Ballet Flats //

Another friend of mine has recommended these a ton of times to me, and I finally caved and got them this weekend. She has interned with Viacom and told me she bought them in three different colors. They are so comfortable and cute, and I’m definitely excited to try them out at work tomorrow. I will most definitely keep you posted if anything changes, but for now, I’m pumped.

Short Heels //

I am SO happy short heels are back in style. These are also next on my shopping list (wanted to pick up the ballet flats first) but I have been eyeing them for months. Steve Madden has the classic pair but I’ve tried these on and they’re so comfortable! The great part about these heels are that they can dress up any outfit and you don’t have to fear you will face plant in front of your boss! I’ve worn the same pair of heels pretty much since sophomore year of high school because I hate breaking new ones in, but these will be a game changer.

Patterned Button Up //

Once again, such a staple to your professional wardrobe. Button ups are lovely because not only can you play around with having them closed or open and layered, but you can add color to any outfit while still looking professional. I have been on the lookout for a red striped one for a while, and this one is so cute!

Patterned Tank Top //

A fantastic way to beat the heat this summer. Pair a fun tank top with simple bottoms and flats, and you’re ready to go! You can keep them simple and pair them with a chunky necklace, or play around with fresh patterns and colors.

Denim Button Up or Chambray Top //

You should already have about three of these in your closet at this point. No? Just me? Whoops. If you can’t already tell, I love simple pieces and I love denim. I have a short sleeve denim top that I wear almost every week. These are great to play with fun skirts, new shoes, or even colorful jewelry. Short sleeve button ups are also incredible for the summer! I love these shirts when I am feeling lazy and know I will look above decent when I leave the house.

Blazer //

Every person who is trying to adult needs a blazer in their closet. If you’re unsure if your outfit is professional enough or not, add a blazer, and problem solved! You can find these just about anywhere, but I recommend investing in one you’re going to be happy with for a while!

The challenge of wearing business casual or even business professional can get old, but accept the challenge and see what you can do with it!

What is your go to work outfit?

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