Best Podcasts

For the most part, I am almost always listening to something. Whether that’s music, a show or movie in the background, or a podcast! I began listening to podcasts during my merchandising job. For hours on end, I would pretty much be all by myself scanning items, organizing, cleaning, or decorating. It was a great way to pass time and something that I could multitask with well.

My commute isn’t too bad for this internship, compared to last semester’s two hour drive ONE WAY. While I love listening to my music (I have some fun playlists on my Spotify!), I’ve started listening to podcasts again. They’re a great way to wake up and stay attentive while driving! That being said, I thought I could share some of my favorites.

Up First

I try to make this the first podcast I listen to in the morning on my way to work. It’s a concise recap of things you should know that are going on in the news, produced by NPR. Most episodes are only around 10 minutes longs and are very informational. Be able to participate in the break room conversations!

The Business

If you are in the entertainment industry, I highly recommend you start listening to this podcast. Kim Masters has excellent interviews with prominent creators in our industry, and you might learn some things you didn’t know before! (Listening to the episode with the producer of the Oscars the following week was wonderful!)

Creative Pep Talk

Let me start by saying that the host goes by the name “Andy J. Pizza” (though I’m pretty sure his real last name is just Miller, #betrayed) so if that doesn’t make you happy then I simply don’t know what will. These episodes have been so helpful to me for sparking ideas and pushing me to think deeper about my work. I always finish an episode antsy to start writing because I am inspired!

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso –

Girlboss is the first podcast I ever really listened to. Unfortunately yet understandably, Sophia Amoruso has been kinda sorta busy with her Girlboss empire (a website + Netflix series? Hell YES) so there haven’t been any new episodes since the end of last year. HOWEVER, I have listened to almost every episode she has out because they are so great! Especially for my ladies out there who don’t know what the hell they want to do, these interviews are inspiring and comforting. My favorite part is when she asks what these ladies’ first jobs were – it definitely makes you feel better about yourself.

Anna Faris is Unqualified –

I was searching for a funny podcast to listen to for a while, and this definitely takes the cake. Anna Faris interviews celebrities with the most random questions and discussions on love and life. She’s hilarious and is a great hosts for her fabulous guests. (Her interview with Eric Stonestreet is a personal favorite of mine)

The Lively Show –

This is the most recent podcast I’ve picked up – Jess Lively discusses all things mindfulness (which basically works into EVERY aspect of your life). She is so bright and sweet and answers a lot of questions you may have on how some things work. If you’re interested in any of this kind of stuff at all, I highly recommend you check her out!

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? I’m always looking for more!

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