Starting Senior Year

We’re almost at the finish line, ladies and gentlemen. I began the final year of my college career (for now, I think…) a few weeks ago with both excitement and hesitancy. Quality friends, new projects to create, a Disneyland pass, and a refreshed mindset: this year will be a ton of fun. However, it’s the … More Starting Senior Year

Steps to Minimalism

Despite common beliefs, minimalism is not just an aesthetic, it’s a lifestyle. Minimalism, to my understanding, is maintaining value within all aspects of your life. If something does not bring you value, remove it to cleanse your life! Sounds easy, right? But what about that one shirt you have? Good times in it, yeah? You’ll … More Steps to Minimalism

Date-a Collecting

  Once again a post completely inspired by a podcast. On Jess Lively’s, The Lively Show, she has an episode a while back that describes how to use the law of attraction on your future partner. Sounds creepy and like I’m super single, but I swear it’s not and I’m….not super. The episode is an … More Date-a Collecting

5 Year Plan

On my wonderfully, frustrating commute home from work, I was listening to one of the podcasts I subscribe to called, “Creative Pep Talk.” In it, the host, Andy J. Pizza was interviewing Debbie Millman, host of the “Design Matters” podcast. She explained how one of her former mentors had her do this exercise when she … More 5 Year Plan

21.5 Lessons

On June 8th, I will be halfway through my 21st year of living. Yikes. I’m still in disbelief by the fact that I’m officially a senior in college, but the idea that I really am an adult? Hahahahahaha…ha….ha….HA….. The past few years have been huge for me. Filled with learning, growing, and changing, I can … More 21.5 Lessons

Junior Year

Hi, yes, I know, I’m sorry again. We may have been on a break (@Ross) but I swear I’m ready to get back together! It’s almost June 2017. I’m starting my senior year of college. It feels like just yesterday I was starting this (still not knowing what it was) writing about making dorm decorations. … More Junior Year

Hello, 2017

2016 revealed more to me than I could have ever imagined. New friends that bring me endless joy and laughter. New memories with old friends that remind me who I am and who I want to be. New places that remind me how tiny I am and how ginormous the world is. New classes that … More Hello, 2017

Christmas Thoughts

Last time I posted on here was just a few weeks into the fall semester of my junior year. Now, I have since finished the semester in a much better place. Tomorrow is Christmas. Once again, I find myself trying to grasp how much life has happened in just the span of a semester (let … More Christmas Thoughts