Hello, 2017

2016 revealed more to me than I could have ever imagined. New friends that bring me endless joy and laughter. New memories with old friends that remind me who I am and who I want to be. New places that remind me how tiny I am and how ginormous the world is. New classes that … More Hello, 2017

Christmas Thoughts

Last time I posted on here was just a few weeks into the fall semester of my junior year. Now, I have since finished the semester in a much better place. Tomorrow is Christmas. Once again, I find myself trying to grasp how much life has happened in just the span of a semester (let … More Christmas Thoughts

Choosing Life

Podcasts have been my savior through long work days this week. I found myself doing some tasks that don’t require too much thought, allowing me to enjoy different shows. I have been HOOKED on #GirlBoss with Sophia Amoruso. No joke, I just kept playing episodes over and over while working a four hour shift at … More Choosing Life

2016 Summer Reading

This past weekend was probably one of my favorite this summer thus far. Mainly because I FINALLY got to lay by my pool and READ! It was so peaceful and completely relaxing. Traveling last semester really brought back my joy for reading. Back in middle school, I would go to the library over the weekend … More 2016 Summer Reading

To Create

My good friend Nolan is challenging himself this summer to “Create Everyday” (check it out here). He and I share the passion to create, whatever that may be. I grew up loving to paint, color in whatever I could, and occasionally write stories. In 2nd Grade, I decided to create a greeting card company (fun fact: … More To Create

Forming New Habits

Finally slowing down today after essentially two weeks of non-stop action. I have good news and bad news: good, I am finally getting a week vacation off of work! Yay! Bad…this “vacation” comes at the cost of me getting my wisdom teeth out…ouch. I’m going in tomorrow morning, so any last minute advice is much … More Forming New Habits

Thank You, Italy

Here we are. Study abroad is officially over. After being across the world since January, I landed safely at LAX last night. The end approached slowly, then all at once. The semester now feels like one crazy, possibly drug-induced, dream. It is so bittersweet, because I arrived here as one person and left feeling like … More Thank You, Italy